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C. Sharps Arms, Inc.
Only the finest custom made rifles

First in Montana Made in the U.S.A. Finest in the World Copied by many Equaled by none.
J. "Randy" Foster

We would like to introduce the 1879 C Sharps Arms Hepburn Rifle, a replica of the Remington Hepburn. Our Models include 1874 Sharps Rifles, 1875 Sharps Rifles, 1877 Sharps Rifles and model 1885 Highwall, as well as our complete line of Custom Sharps Rifles, metalic tang, barrel and aperture sights and our new and improved Soule sight design. Buy your Sharps Rifle today - check our in stock rifle list.

Randy Foster was part of the team who built the Shiloh Sharps Quigley rifle for the movie Quigley Down Under. These rifles are authentic, not to be confused with the knock off's made by Armi Chiappa.